Holistic Wealth Management

We understand that your wealth is a means to many different ends, including funding your child’s education, securing your retirement, ensuring that you leave a legacy you can be proud of, and giving back to your community and the initiatives you care about. In our office we talk a lot about stewardship and what it means to be a worthy steward of wealth. We believe that wealth management should be all encompassing and we work hard to make your money work even harder for you.

Goals-Based Planning

Managing a portfolio without a plan is a lot like taking a long trip without a road map. It makes little sense. We work with you to clearly define your various goals and objectives, current and future resources, and to adopt a realistic attitude about risk. We then put all of this together to create a comprehensive plan and help you monitor it to increase the likelihood that the goals you’ve envisioned can become a reality. Once you have defined your goals and approved your plan, we take the responsibility of putting that plan into action. This is where our skills as experienced asset managers come into play. 

Professional Asset Management

We create and manage diversified, low-cost, tax-efficient portfolios designed to offer a proper balance between risk and return. With over three decades of experience our team is able to provide a mature, calm and consistent approach to investing. We customize every portfolio to each client’s unique goals and objectives, and, of course, we keep you updated on how you are doing, every step of the way.

Education Planning

Does the thought of saving for your child’s or grandchild’s education cause you to break out in sweats? It’s okay, we’ve been there, we’re parents too. Adding a college funding goal to your plan can help. We will assist you in defining your goals for your child while keeping your everyday financial and retirement objectives in mind. We’ve done the research and maintain an up-to-date database on all colleges in the U.S. and their associated costs. We can inform you of the different savings options available to assist you in implementing a successful plan for your child’s future.

Retirement Planning

You want a comfortable, secure retirement. We know this and believe in it too. We work with you to analyze the resources you have now, assist in assessing what resources you will have in the future, including Social Security, and determine what steps need to be taken to maintain your standard of living upon retirement.

Insurance Planning

Since we don't sell insurance products we can offer you objective advice and help you evaluate the most cost-effective insurance products you may need.

Legacy Planning

We are intent on making sure that your wealth is passed on exactly how you want, to care for a spouse, leave funds for children and grandchildren, to make a mark on a charity close to your heart. This is why we offer a secure, digital archive that contains everything your loved ones would need should something happen to you. We work with you to set it up and will monitor it as much or as little as you would like.